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The combined expertise of our parent companies, EDF Energy and EDF Energies Nouvelles, puts us in the ideal position to develop new generating capacity. With more than 25 wind farms already in operation and a portfolio that goes back to 1993, we have a great deal of experience to draw on.

As an integrated operator, EDF Energy Renewables is involved at every stage of a project: development, construction, production, and operation and maintenance of wind farms.


Our experience encompasses all aspects of this important early stage: from site selection and technical feasibility studies to review of project impact and advantages, public consultation and liaison with local authorities.


During the construction phase we procure supplier services, buy equipment, and contract with our supply chain and other experts to design, construct and complete the work. Once construction is complete pre-testing is carried out before the official commissioning and commercial operation of the wind farm.

Through the expertise of our parent company, Energies Nouvelles, we are able to source the optimum turbine model for each site and use their worldwide buying power to ensure we keep our costs down.

Power Generation

Electricity generated by our wind farms feeds into the regional and national grid networks through a connection at an existing or purpose built substation.

Operation and Maintenance

As operators of all the wind farms we develop, we ensure that wind farm efficiency is optimised throughout its life cycle. Our capabilities include supervision of plant production 24/7, production follow up and analysis, and ongoing inspection and maintenance.

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