EDF Energy Renewables has confirmed that it has revised its proposals for its wind farm development near Sturton le Steeple, Nottinghamshire including a reduction in the number of turbines on the site.

In February, Bassetlaw District Council’s planning committee turned down the company’s application for to build nine wind turbines and a permanent meteorological mast on a site at Maumhill, to the west of Sturton Le Steeple and south of West Burton power station.

EDF Energy Renewables subsequently lodged an appeal against that decision. The company has now announced that, to further reduce the visual impact of the proposed development, two turbines and their associated cables and access tracks will be removed from the scheme, along with the permanent meteorological mast originally proposed.

In addition, minor adjustments to the location of the seven remaining turbines have been made to ensure compliance with clearance zones for bat foraging habitats – a request made by Natural England during the project’s consultation process.

Darren Cuming, EDF Energy Renewables’ development manager for the project, said: “After due consideration of the responses from our consultation we have now carried out further investigative work at the site and introduced some changes to the proposed Maumhill scheme.

“We take the utmost care with our site selection and believe that these latest changes will further reduce the environmental effects of the development.

“We continue to regard the Maumhill site as an excellent location for the size of wind farm proposed and if approved could make an important contribution to meeting the government’s renewable energy targets and the country’s future low carbon energy needs.”

The seven turbines now being proposed, each with a maximum height to blade tip of 115m, would have a total capacity of 14MW , and would provide enough power to supply the average annual electricity demands of 7400 households*.

The revisions to the scheme will result in a reduction of the overall site area. New plans showing the revised site boundary and development layout have been submitted to the Government’s Planning Inspectorate and Bassetlaw District Council.

In addition, supplementary environmental information on the scheme is also being made available to provide details of the further work undertaken on landscape and visual impact, aviation and other matters.

A Public Inquiry is likely to be held in March next year to determine the appeal. Full details of the amended proposal and supplementary environmental information will be available from Bassetlaw District Council and at www.edf-er.com.

* Based on DECC and Digest of UK Energy Statistics figures