The new owners of the Corriemoillie wind farm project are holding a public information event next week (23 June) to explain a proposed change to the scheme to the local community.

EDF Energy Renewables recently bought the project which lies on a site 4km west of Garve from E.ON and is set to start construction on the 19 turbine wind farm in the next few months.

EDF Energy Renewables plans to use different turbines to those proposed in the original plans for the site and as a result the firm is required to submit a new planning application to the Scottish Government.

EDF Energy Renewables Project Manager Grant Folley explained: “Wind turbine technology has moved forward significantly since the project was originally granted permission in 2011. 

“The efficiency of wind turbines has improved, meaning that turbines of the same overall size can now generate more electricity than those previously on the market. In order to maximise the electricity produced by the approved wind farm we would like to use a different turbine from the one originally specified in the original planning application.  

“The planned new turbines will make no visible difference to the development or have any environmental impact as they fall within the same height guidelines as those for which we already have permission.” 

The current consent for the wind farm allows for 19 turbines each with a generating capacity of 2.5MW to be installed. It also allows for the turbines to have a maximum tip height of 125m, and a maximum tower height of 80m. EDF Energy Renewables plans to seek permission to install turbines with a generating capacity of 3.2MW each.  As the total generating capacity of the wind farm using larger capacity machines would be in excess of 50MW, the company is required to apply to the Scottish Government for a new consent under S.36 of the Electricity Act.  

The information event will take place on Tuesday 23 June at Garve Village Hall from 2pm to 8pm.