EDF Energy Renewables is pleased to announce that Rhodders wind farm in Clackmannanshire is now up and running and the turbines have started producing power for the local grid.

This means that the site is now fully commercially operational. EDF Energy Renewables is delighted to have achieved this milestone.

This six turbine project is the second extension to the thirteen turbine Burnfoot Hill wind farm built in 2010 and has a capacity of 12.3 MW. The first extension was an additional two turbines to the north of the original 26 MW wind farm. The combined capacity is now 41.8 MW. Rhodders is capable of producing enough low carbon electricity to meet the annual needs of approximately 6865 homes.*

EDF Energy Renewables’ Head of Construction, John Penman, said: “We’re very proud to have delivered this project efficiently and safely. I’m full of praise for what our team has achieved here at Rhodders.

“I also want to say thanks to the local community and particularly those living locally for their support during the construction process. 

“Now that it’s operational, day to day management of the wind farm will pass to EDF Energy Renewables’ Asset management team who will oversee the running and maintenance of the site, including management of the £36,000 per year community benefit fund. This fund will add to the current Burnfoot Hill and Burnfoot North agreement making a total contribution of £85,000 to the local community each year (index linked).”

Nick Bradford, EDF Energy Renewables’ Head of Asset Management said: “Rhodders wind farm is an excellent extension of our existing wind farm in the Ochil Hills and will make an important contribution to the supply of low carbon electricity. As the owner and operator of wind farms across the country, our goal is to not only to generate electricity, but to become a part of the communities that host our projects.
“One of the ways the wind farm will benefit the local area is through community benefit funds like the one we’ve set up at Rhodders. I’m delighted to say that the Rhodders Wind Farm Community Benefit Fund will be administered by Foundation Scotland and first grants should be made to local projects in early 2016.  For further information on eligibility and how to apply to the Rhodders Wind Farm Community Benefits Fund, visit Foundation Scotland’s website at www.foundationscotland.org.uk

* Please note these figures are based on onshore turbines operating at 26.22% capacity  (2010-2014 average load factor for onshore wind from Digest of UK Energy Statistics) and assuming 4,115 is the average UK household electricity consumption in kW hours (based on DECC’s “Energy Consumption in the UK” (July 2015).