A local windfarm hosted a children’s visit to inform the next generation about renewable energy.

EDF Energy Renewables has given local schoolchildren from St Cuthbert’s Primary School, Crook the chance to have a closer look at the turbines at its Broom Hill wind farm near Sunniside in County Durham.

As part of the open day the group had the opportunity to learn more about wind farms and their contribution to green energy. This is in line with some special projects being undertaken by the pupils on their local environment.

Nick Bradford, Head of Asset Management, EDF Energy Renewables, said: “It is important that we teach the next generation about renewable energy as a sustainable and responsible source of power. Our young visitors should know the importance of renewable energy and how it effects their environment. 

“We welcome school children of all ages to help them find out more about what we do and how we do it, whilst also supporting the national curriculum and making learning interactive and interesting during the visits.”

The Broom Hill Wind Farm became operational in 2009 and includes 4 turbines, each with a capacity of 2MW. Every year the site provides enough electricity to meet the needs of around 4,500 homes.

The children from St Cuthbert’s Primary School, aged between 8 and 10 visited the wind farm as part of their science lessons.

Class teacher Mrs Evans said: “The children really enjoyed the visit and it helped to bring classroom learning to life. 

“Learning about the children’s local environment forms an important part of the school curriculum and helps to introduce the children to important local matters and developments.

“Because of where the school is based, the children often see windfarms and are very interested in how it all works, so they were all very enthusiastic and interested in the visit and had a great time.”