EDF Energy Renewables has won a contract from National Grid to provide 49 MW of battery storage at its West Burton Combined Cycle Gas power station in Nottinghamshire. It will form part of a new [200 MW] enhanced frequency response system which will be deployed across the UK to balance the UK grid. 

With the strong growth of renewable generation and the closure of large power plants, battery storage technology supports the stability of the national grid network. The technology can be used to respond quickly to fluctuations in the electricity grid. Storage is expected to play an important role as part of a balanced energy system which will include renewables, nuclear and gas.

EDF Energy Renewables CEO Matthieu Hue said, “We are delighted to have been awarded a contract as part of the competitive tender issued by National Grid. The battery storage technology has an important role to play in a diverse energy mix which is moving towards decarbonisation. 

“This success shows the depth and strength of EDF Group expertise as well as our ability to deploy innovative solutions competitively.”

EDF Group leads investment in a wide range of low carbon technologies in Britain and around the world, including renewable and nuclear electricity generation.

The Group has applied for planning permission for the battery storage units at EDF Energy’s West Burton site in Nottinghamshire – home to 2000 MW of coal generation at West Burton A and 1300MW at West Burton B Combined Cycle Gas Turbine, creating an important centre of energy excellence in the UK.  It demonstrates the global partnership in EDF, bringing together the development of new technologies with more traditional electricity generation.