Local education and training scheme established by opening of new wind farm.

EDF Energy Renewables has officially opened its Corriemoillie wind farm, near Garve in the Scottish Highlands. 

The 17 turbine wind farm has a generating capacity of 47.5 megawatts (MW) - enough low carbon electricity to supply the average annual needs of nearly 29,000 homes.*

The opening of the development was also marked by the launch of a new scheme to provide important financial support for local community initiatives and education and training programmes over the lifetime of the project that could extend to 25 years.

Working with Foundation Scotland and local community representatives, Community Councils, EDF Energy Renewables has set up the new Corriemoillie Community Fund. The fund will provide over £240,000 annually over the lifetime of the wind farm which will rise in line with inflation.  

The community fund also includes a ring fenced Education and Training programme that has been set up to support a range of education, apprenticeship, training or re-training opportunities primarily linked to the renewables and energy sector.

Matthieu Hue, Chief Executive of EDF Energy Renewables, said: “In continuing our development programme to bring new renewable energy assets on stream in Scotland we are proud to be a strong partner for the local economy and we are delighted to extend our support to local communities.

“The special education and training fund established for the Corriemoillie site is specifically designed to equip local residents with the necessary skills to take up employment opportunities. Importantly is can also be used by local small businesses to create new job opportunities.”

EDF Energy Renewables operates more than 696MW of wind farms (including 319 MW in Scotland) and has more than 1GW in development. We are particularly committed to continuing the growth of our renewables business in Scotland and have recently opened a new office in Edinburgh to support our plans. They include the delivery of the 177MW Dorenell wind farm in Moray, the largest onshore project with a CFD which is scheduled in 2018.