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Your community: now and in the future

We take a long-term approach to the wind farms we develop. As owner/operators we are involved from the initial proposal stage through development, construction, operation and maintenance, and decommissioning. This long-term view informs our approach from the outset, ensuring we consider not just today but also the future.

Understanding your point of view

At an early stage in any development we engage with the local community. This is done through local Community Consultation Days – a series of public exhibitions and displays where we provide full details of our proposals. Our team and our environmental consultants are on hand at these events to answer any questions, and to listen and respond to your views and any concerns you may have.

We use local communication channels such as radio and local newspapers, as well as leafleting, to ensure that these events are widely publicised, and to keep you updated throughout a development. Details are also published on this website.

Keeping you informed

All documentation relating to a development is available for public viewing, including all surveys undertaken and any other supporting evidence.

Details of where you can either view or obtain documents relating to a specific wind farm development will be published both locally and on this website. You can also download many of the documents from this site.

You can track the progress of a wind farm by visiting the relevant project section on this website.

Supporting the local area

Our aim is to bring value to the local economy and as such we contract with local and regional companies whenever possible. In addition, our contractors also aim to use a local supply chain, creating jobs not just during construction, but also through the operation and maintenance, and decommissioning phases of the development.

EDF ER also supports local communities through a community fund that is made available for improvements in the local area for the duration of the development and the life of the wind farm.

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