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EDF Energy Renewables has been granted planning permission to construct a 6-turbine wind farm on agricultural and forest land to the south west of Livingston and approximately 4km south of West Calder. The site lies within the West Lothian Council area.

When constructed, the proposed wind farm, incorporating 2MW turbines with an approximate total height to turbine tip of 125m, will have an installed capacity of up to 12MW of low carbon energy.

In November 2011 we carried out a consultation process designed to secure the views of the local community, and to allow people the opportunity to provide feedback on our proposals.

The application for planning permission, which includes an Environmental Statement (ES), was submitted to West Lothian Council on 4 April 2012.

West Lothian Council considered the application at the meeting of its Development Management Committee on 19th June 2013.  The Committee decided to refuse planning permission on the Chairman's casting vote.

EDF ER submitted an appeal against this decision, which was decided by the Scottish Ministers on 8 July 2014.


EDF Energy Renewables has undertaken a detailed and comprehensive Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for the proposed Pearie Law Wind Farm. The EIA examined all the potential environmental effects during the construction, operation and decommissioning of the wind farm.

Particular attention was paid to the following issues: Landscape and Visual Impact, Traffic and Infrastructure, Noise, Ecology, Ornithology, Hydrology, Shadow Flicker, Cultural Heritage, Socio Economics and Health, Forestry, and Compliance with National and Local Planning Policy.

Following completion of the Environmental Impact Assessment, the planning application – including a comprehensive Environmental Statement - was submitted to West Lothian Council.

In view of the results of the environmental assessment, EDF ER considers that the site is capable of successfully accommodating a wind farm of the size proposed.

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Have your say

We are always keen to understand the opinions and concerns of the local community, giving people the opportunity to provide feedback on our proposals through local Community Consultation Days.

EDF ER carried out a public consultation exercise for the proposed Pearie Law Wind Farm during November and December 2011. Some further meetings were held in January 2012.

We were very pleased when the results of the consultation exercise showed that over 60% of the people who had visited our exhibition indicated in the questionnaire that they could support the proposals.

The Consultation exercise showed there to be signifcant interest in how the Community Fund to be set up in conjunction with the Wind Farm, will operate.  EDF ER is keen to discuss this with local stakeholders.

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Next steps

EDF Energy Renewables will now draw-up detailed plans for the construction of the wind farm. The company is committed to keeping the local community involved as it takes the development forward and will inform local residents about the construction plans and timetable once they are available.

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