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EDF Energy Renewables intends to submit revised proposals for a wind farm on an area of forestry near to Ardrishaig in Argyll & Bute.  The site, known as Cruach Brenfield, was submitted for approval based on up to 18 turbines in May 2014.  Following community feedback and input from consultees the project has now been reduced to 12 turbines with a total maximum generating capacity of 42MW. The location of the proposed turbines falls within the Argyll & Bute Council area.

Cruach Brenfield is named after the summit on the highest part of the site.  The site is located in commercial forestry to the south of the town of Ardrishaig, to the west of the A83 and north of the B8024.  Access to the site would be from the junction of these roads.  

EDF Energy Renewables has carried out an updated Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) of the site and will be shortly be submitting a planning application to Argyll and Bute Council.  The scope of the EIA has been agreed with Scottish National Heritage, Argyll & Bute Council and other statutory and non-statutory consultees, via a scoping process earlier this year.  
The scheme incorporating 12 turbines with a maximum height of 150m would have an installed capacity of up to 42MW and would supply the annual electricity equivalent to the requirements of approximately 23,100 homes.*

*based upon information sourced from Digest of UK Energy Statistics and Department of Energy and Climate Change and a capacity factor of 26.22%and assuming 4,115 is the average annual UK electricity consumption in kW hours. 

EDF Energy Renewables and wind energy

A diverse energy mix is crucial to addressing climate change, ensuring security of supply and providing affordable electricity. EDF Energy Renewables is a key UK generator of renewable energy and during 2016 will have 30 wind farms in operation with a combined capacity of nearly 600MW.

Wind power is a sustainable low carbon source of energy. The UK Government has recently reaffirmed its commitment to meet challenging carbon reduction targets.   The Government’s commitment to reduce UK emissions by 57% by 2030 demonstrates the continued political consensus to tackle the serious risks posed by climate change.  There are many benefits of green energy and onshore wind will have an important role in supporting the growth of renewable generation.  Onshore wind has played a key role in delivering the Scottish Government’s aspiration of generating between 50% of Scotland’s electricity requirements from renewable sources by 2015. It will continue to do so in order to work towards achieving the 2020 target of 100% of electricity generation from renewable sources.


Further meetings will be held with the Council and Community Liaison Group to update them in relation to the further work that is being carried out. 
Once the planning application has been submitted, copies of the application and Environmental Statement will be available for viewing at the following locations: Planning & Development Services, Argyll & Bute Council, 1 Manse Brae, Lochgilphead, PA31 8RD; and Lochgilphead Local Library, Manse Brae, PA31 8QZ (afternoons only).
EDF Energy Renewables will be happy to answer questions which may be raised but comments on th proposal should be submitted to the Council.

Community consultation

Two public exhibitions were held on 23rd and 24th May 2016 with 49 local people coming along to learn more about the project. The exhibitions provided feedback on how the project has changed in response to local community views and the EIA carried out regarding the project.  This is addition to the exhibitions held during 2014 to explain the previous proposals, attended by over 110 local people. Full details of community comments will be provided as part of the planning application in a community consultation report. The presentation material provided at the 2016 exhibition is included in the project documents section.

EDF Energy Renewables will continue discussions with the local community throughout the planning consultation period. Meetings will be offered to the Community Councils and any other local interest groups in order to discuss the details of the project and how the community can become involved in the project. 

A community fund would be offered which would be equivalent to £5,000 per MW per annum. This would equate to almost £195,000 per annum that would be available for use within the local community. In addition EDF Energy Renewables remains committed to offering 10% of the project for potential community investment EDF ER believe that there could be a key role for the Mid Argyll initiative in delivering the Community Benefit Fund. EDF Energy Renewables will also offer the local community up to a 10% stake in the wind farm in the form of a shared ownership agreement.  The local community will be encouraged to seek assistance from the CARES programme to help set up the opportunity for community investment.

To find more out about future Community Liaison meetings please contact Chris Whitehead at chris@fchange.com or 01786 820111


EDF Energy Renewables seeks to use local contractors where ever possible in the construction of wind farms. We also have an agreement with Wind Towers Scotland Ltd which enables towers to be sourced from that local company (subject to certain criteria).

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